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Understanding Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Modern business is all about the application of any art or science that will help to effectively solve the problem. In a rapidly globalizing economy, there is a myriad of challenges that arise every day, and as an entrepreneur, you need every tool available to assist in troubleshooting. 

Well, before you apply the Innovation Assessment Tool you need to first understand what it entails. 

TRIZ is a Russian translation of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. According to the International Journal of Business Innovation and Research is a tool used by innovation expert consultation to provide a structured way to innovate the way an engineer's approach to the problem.

innovation Assesment

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In principle using TRIZ theory helps you appreciate that there are universal principles of creativity that form the basis of advanced technology in society and innovation. With more research Altshuller come with varying degrees of problems and solutions consultants currently use to improve performance in your business.

In practice, the simplest form involves learning TRIZ repeating patterns of problems, solutions, evolution and use certain techniques to business situations you face.

The steps involved in problem-solving using TRIZ experts moved from:

  • Defining the purpose and situation
  • formulation of the problem and brainstorm
  • priority directions for innovation
  • development of the concept
  • Preparation of a plan to implement advanced concepts
  • evaluation of results