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The Resurgence of Reason in USA Politics

As the USA Presidential election observers this time, while listening to the rhetoric of the Democratic and Republican camps, certain cover inescapable observation.

Move Toward Center

The rhetoric of the Tea Party Republicans have moved to the right – it seems. Even a fiscal ‘conservative’, the US Congress Paul Ryan, has been nominated as the Republican candidate for Vice President, supposedly to attract people on the far right. A closer look reveals a more interesting shift to the center.

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We begin with Reaganomics, which, among other policies, promoted a lower tax rate and a lower deficit. It has become the battle cry of the Republican far right. However, like Ronald Reagan himself said, the increase in the US national debt during his presidency was the biggest disappointment of his presidency. So trust on the far right, which opposes the facts, is that under the Reagan deficit is brought under control. In fact, the opposite happens.

As a strategy to reduce inflation and lower nominal interest rates, the US borrowed both domestically and abroad to cover the federal budget deficit in the Reagan years, increasing the national debt from $ 997 billion to $ 2.85 trillion.

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This caused the US to move from the world’s largest international creditor to the largest debtor nation in the world. The “trillion-dollar deficit” can not be started under President Bush (as claimed by the Democrats), also under President Obama (as claimed by Republicans). As we all know, repeating a recurring belief makes belief a fact, regardless of the truth.


Democrats brought ObamaCare, and proud of it. This is the first time the provisions of the national health care came into being, however flawed. Republicans have turned the word Obamacare becomes almost swear word, with derision and scorn.

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But look who their candidate for president. A man who believed so strongly in the health care for the community, that while governor of Massachusetts brought the health care insurance law reform, informally referred to as Romneycare was enacted in 2006, which mandates that almost every resident of Massachusetts obtain state-level government-regulated minimum coverage health insurance and provide free health care insurance for residents earning less than 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL). The bill aims to cover 95% of the 500,000 uninsured states within three years.

How interesting that both he and his supporters are now so devoted to health care for all. Sounds like ‘Talking Politics’ to meet to elect the right-wing. It will be seen that the core values ​​of the candidates do not differ much from that of the Democrats.

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Income taxes deducted to Help You Lose Weight

Obama in his acceptance speech this week, make fun of the Republican platform that promises to cut income tax to cure all problems. He said “Have a surplus Try cutting taxes too high deficit – Try another ?. Feel a cold coming on Take two tax cuts, the rollback some regulations, and call us in the morning.?.” Quite funny actually.

Many commentators have said that when Reagan cut taxes, the deficit is growing. That does not diminish the Republic now believe. On the other hand, Obama is not many different beliefs. He actually cut taxes for most residents. Only for those earning taxable income above $ 250,000 (not profit, but taxable income “) would be a tax increase. When one stands back slightly, a policy which is not much different.

Tax Havens and Tax Avoidance

It takes one to know one. If Romney used tax-free, the better to close them. Romney was criticized for avoiding an unknown amount of income tax by using tax havens. tax havens is the way that rich people cheat their homeland that gives them all the benefits and their citizenship.

While doing this morality is highly suspect, legality is in law – unfortunately. SO difficult to criticize Romney, when he followed the law. mom