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Signs That Tell Your Parking Lot Is In Trouble

Improving the appearance of your place of business, creating a convenient path for the car’s entrance for your customers, and removing the obligation is a major factor in keeping the asphalt surface.

Caring for street parking or driveways involves a continuous cycle of sealcoating, sealing cracks and, perhaps, to patch some holes. Maintenance should be done approximately every 4 years with the help of asphalt contractors in Charlotte.


Be careful when choosing the type of sealcoating to be done. Some contractors actually implement the "homemade" sealcoat produced in their own back yard. You better use products from major manufacturers to ensure quality standards to get the job done right.

Plan your budget to take care of routine maintenance costs. Remember, once the parking lot or driveway is more than 20/25 years, you might have to pay for the installation of a completely new surface.

Take 5 minutes to go outside to the parking lot or driveway and ask yourself the questions below. The results may surprise you:

  • Thin cracks, 1/4 "or less in width.
  • The width of the cracks, 1/4 "or wider.
  • Part or spotting wide crack, a "basket" or "Alligator Skin Cracking".
  • Oxidation, the surface appears dry, open and unprotected.
  • Small holes, 12 "diameter or less? Big hole, larger than 12" in diameter.
  • Raveling, the surface is covered with fine gravel? Pitting, thumbnail-sized holes, 1/4 "deep.