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The Essentials of Health and Safety Training in the Office

It has been imposed by the law that employers and business owners should provide a hazard-free workplace for their employees and workers. The law behind such a claim is known as the health and safety work act. In this law, it is being strictly imposed or is compulsory that whenever a new employee is being hired, he or she receives health and safety training.

This in turn is an essential part of every employee initiation. Being new to the facilities and surroundings, familiarity with the location of the emergency exits and the procedures to follow in the event of an accident are all important things to be taken into consideration.

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Workplace Safety - Importance of Training

Employers and managers work hand in hand with the responsibility for the health and safety of their employees and workers in the work area. Based on statistics, there is an average of about 200 people losing their lives each year due to work-related accidents.

Also, an estimated two million people suffer different kinds of illnesses and bodily injuries as a direct result of the nature of their work and the workplace. Putting in place preventive and security measures to avoid such cases from happening is indeed a legal and compulsory requirement.

These incidents of mishaps in the workplace not only cause a lot of money wasted from the business establishment but it also greatly affects the lives of the workers. Imagine having had the experience of losing a hand or a foot due to negligence in the line of work. This affects not only the whole life of one person but his family and dependents as well.