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How Does An Automatic Watch Winder Work?

If you have an automatic watch that you don't wear every day, scrolling your watch can be very useful.

However, if you own several automatic watches, then a high-quality winding watch is undoubtedly worth gold and offers you: convenience, saves time, security, aesthetic appeal, and reduces the risk of expensive repairs. You can find the best watch winder via

Read on to learn how important high-quality watch winding is to your collection.

Kuna How does automatic watch winding work?

The watch winder is only used for automatic watches that are coiled by the movement of your wrist when you wear them, not for quartz watches or watches.

watch winder

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Many enthusiasts own more than one watch, and some make serious collections – and who can blame them? But that means: When you change watches depending on the occasion, outfit, or mood, each of them has a resting phase.

And if the automatic watch is not worn on the wrist for even a few days, the mainspring gradually loses energy and the watch finally stops. Then when you put it on again, the time, date, and all those complicated calendar views have to be reset. Unless, of course, you put your watch in the watch winder case.

Turning the watch, as the name suggests, rotates the watch until you put it on. Slowly turning your watch, reproduces the movement of your body, ensuring the mainspring maintains its energy and tension and that the watch reading is accurate. It is then ready to be placed on your wrist at any time without the need for adjustment, saving you time and effort.