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Who Is Responsible For Sewer Line Repairs?

The common belief is that the city is responsible for maintaining and fixing pipes that run from your property line to the municipal water main and sewers.

Alternatively, homeowners are responsible for the lines that run from the property line into the home.

This is not entirely accurate, however, since the city is only responsible for the sewer line starting at the main underground sewer pipe that carries waste and wastewater to the city’s treatment plant.

Homeowners are expected to take care of any pipes that connect to this mainline. So, you can check bonded sewer contractor list in Los Angeles via online sources or visit

The key to understanding where sewer line repair responsibility begins and ends for homeowners, it’s important to know what upper and lower lateral pipes are.

Sewer line damage can be expensive but some problems can be fixed with a sewer line cleaning or simple repair.

Should the issue exist in the lower lateral pipe, the city is likely to become involved in the repair if the issue exists under the road or sidewalk.

Even if the city is involved, the homeowner is still responsible for repair costs.

Upper and Lower Lateral Pipes

When it comes to the pipes that run from your home to the main sewer line, there are 2 sections: the upper lateral and lower lateral. The upper lateral pipe contains the clean-out for your house and at your property line.