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Water Recycling – Is It Right For You?

Because of the drought and water conservation measures are taking place in many areas, you may have heard about the recycling of gray water reclamation. But what is gray water recycling, and is it right for you? It can help you save money? Will it be beneficial to water conservation efforts in your area? You can also search the web to know more about wastewater treatment system & water recycling plant in Australia.

What Is Gray Water?

Gray water is all wastewater, including sewage – in other words, all water used from your home or business, except what has been flushed through the toilet. Clearwater from the tap is "white" water, and wastewater is "black" water, so water is a class gray in between – not clean enough for human consumption, but not seriously contaminated.

Usefulness For Recycling Water

The main use of gray water recycling is a toilet flushing and landscape irrigation/crop. There are some risks to using it for use in a toilet tank. A separate pipe system installed in the house, which operates as a mini sewage treatment facilities at the household level.

There are things to consider before moving forward with plans to use it for garden or crop irrigation, however. There can be beneficial to plants through water recycling because it contains nutrients that encourage plant growth and health.

But if you decide to use your household water in your yard, it also means you have to be more aware of what household cleaners and products you use to avoid poisoning your plants!

Detergents with high levels of salt, chlorine, or boron, can harm your garden. It is a good idea to avoid bleach, soap with heavy concentrations of phosphorus, bath salts, artificial dyes, and solvent.

Caution is also needed when implementing recycled water as irrigation water. As with any contaminants that may endanger human health, use it as a spray is not recommended because it is not wise to inhale the mist.