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Vertex Machine Tools Makes Their Customers Happy

Making your customers happy should be the top priority of any company. That is the way to increase profits and maintain a good reputation. Vertex is one of the leading manufacturers with decades of experience in different areas, including Vertex Machine Tools, Milling Machines, Engraving Machines, Tool Room Equipment, and other services. The most important thing that draws their customers is their passion for craftsmanship which makes the products look perfect for any project.  

Vertex is a company that spends a big part of their day listening to the concerns of their customers, employees, and the general public. It’s how they keep their machine tools operating at peak performance and work so hard to ensure safety in the workplace. Vertex puts each person on their team first every single day.  Vertex  is proud to make their customers happy. Their long-term partnership with Brevard Metals Corp allows them to deliver honestly and upfront pricing, the largest selection of metalworking equipment and accessories in the Southeast, and prompt delivery on all orders.

Vertex  makes their customers happy. This is because when you buy a Vertex tool, it isn’t just a purchase. You build a relationship with the company you make it with – lasting long after you’ve received your order and their customer service team. You are able to contact the company with any questions, issues, or if you simply want to share your feedback with them, and they will always be happy to hear from you.

Ipís How Vertex Simplified Their Customer Experience

Vertex is a leading machine tool company, with over 400 employees. They provide manufacturing companies with high-quality machine tools and engineering services. Treating customers right is important to Vertex. They want their customers to feel valued and cared for, which is why they listen carefully to their feedback and suggestions. Vertex has been using Insightly since 2012 to build a customer experience that was easy for both customers and employees alike.

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Vertex had previously been using an online CRM solution that wasn't designed for the needs of a growing organization. Vertex was having trouble keeping track of its customers' information, which made them less able to build lasting relationships with their customers. "We just needed a better way to manage our customer data," said Brian Chappell, Director of Marketing Communications at Vertex "We felt like we were missing out on opportunities to help our customers because we didn't have all the relevant information about them."

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Vertex uses their AppExchange application to display specifications, customer documentation, and links to other useful resources in one place. They can also use it to tell customers about promotions or new products when they are most relevant, like when those new products are being featured on an industry news site. By giving customers access to the information they need at any time and on any device, Vertex has been able to increase sales by 60 percent since implementing the solution.

Vertex, a leading manufacturer of high precision Lathe Machines Tools, had a problem: the company was manually processing all sales leads, resulting in a disjointed customer experience. Vertex needed to improve efficiency and deliver a seamless purchasing experience to its customers. The solution: A custom-built automated lead management system.

The system allows Vertex to push real-time, relevant information to sales leads, including customized videos and product brochures. Vertex can also track visitors' interactions with the content, which has proven invaluable for closing deals. In addition, the system provides sales reps with a dashboard that allows them to efficiently manage their leads from anywhere.