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Tips to Become a Creative Director in the UK

A creative director is a person who makes high-level creative decisions and uses those decisions to oversee the creation of creative assets such as advertisements, products, events, or logos. 

The following are five simple steps to becoming a creative director:

Kokrajhar Step 1: Get a higher education

To learn how to become a brand creative director in UK, or any other field, you usually first need to earn a bachelor's degree in a specific creative field, such as art, marketing, graphic design, photography, or fashion. Image Source: Google

Step 2: Gain work experience

However, in the creative field, experience exceeds training, so you need to gain experience in this area. 

Step 3: Create a portfolio

While other jobs require a resume, the creative director's portfolio is more important in this creative area. All potential employers will want to see your creative director portfolio, which will highlight your talents and previous work. 

Step 4: Improve your skills and gain experience

The best creative directors are constantly looking for opportunities that allow them to expand their knowledge, expand their skills and find inspiration everywhere. 

Step 5: Build your network

Artists need to build meaningful relationships with other artists. Networking gives you the opportunity to be inspired and learn new techniques from experienced professionals and potentially hear or accept new opportunities. 

There are also professional organizations for every creative field that offer resources, events, and contests for prizes. Creative directors are not required to join a professional organization, but membership can provide access to valuable networking and training opportunities.