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steel driveshaft

Overview on Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

A driveshaft transfers power between the transmission and the differential, which then sends power back to the rear wheels. Although a driveshaft is simple and easy to overlook, it's essential for your car to effectively transfer energy from motion.

It is not a major performance improvement, but it is something that you might need to think about depending on your particular build. Most cars come with a steel drive shaft. However, it is possible to choose to have an aluminum or order Pregabalin carbon fiber driveshaft.

carbon fiber driveshafts

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Each driveshaft material has pros and cons which make it suitable for different types. Carbon fiber driveshafts are the most weight-saving. Aluminum driveshafts are light but carbon fiber is lighter. Carbon fiber has a few other advantages.

Carbon fiber is not brittle like aluminum and steel. Instead, carbon fiber breaks down in harmless splinters which are unlikely not to cause any damage to your vehicle. Carbon fiber is more durable than steel and vibrates at a lower level than aluminum.

Carbon fiber is the ideal material. Carbon fiber can't be repaired, and it cannot be replaced. Carbon fiber cannot be repaired like aluminum and steel.

The structural integrity of the entire carbon-fiber structure is irreparably damaged if one strand gets damaged. This would make it easy to price carbon fiber drive shafts at the same prices as their aluminum or steel counterparts. But carbon fiber is a more difficult material to make so they are significantly more expensive.