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Magnetic sheet roll

How to Make Magnetic Tape Wallets

Want to have a magnetic tape wallet? You may find a wallet available in the market is quite expensive. Do you find that fits the wallet that can meet your needs? If you are aware of how to make a magnetic tape wallet you can feel it becomes an easy task.

To make a recording magnetic wallet you need some ingredients that can be found in your home. There will be no obligation to purchase the material from the store.

How to Make Magnetic Tape Wallets

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Because all the materials are ready now you will be able to begin the process of manufacture. Rolls or the steel part of the tape can be removed.

By making a thorough search if you come across any projection or protruding parts that can be removed with the help of wire cutters. The projection on the tape can cause the kind of damage while saving you money in it.

After all magnetic tape opened by fastening together the edges of the tape you can close it. You can put a ribbon on a table or flat surface with an area long side resting on the surface.

The large hole should not only have to have the necessary space for the rubber band. You will be able to make precise positioning of the hinge with two tapes with holes on both sides.