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What is a Surgical Lip Lift in Cheshire and How Does It Work?

Lips that are fuller and more beautiful have been a sought-after look for years. Celebrities and influencers have been spearheading the trend of getting lip fillers in recent years. Lip fillers aren't for everyone, however, and they can be quite expensive. You might be tired of all the maintenance required to keep your filler looking great.

how to by Aurogra online What is a lip-upper operation?

In Cheshire, sometimes people just have a thin upper lip. Or, as we age, the skin loses its moisture and collagen and gravity causes the lips to become thinner. The space between the mouth and nose can also increase. This can make the face appear smaller and more aged than it really is.

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In Cheshire, for those who want a more proportionate, fuller, and upper lip, the surgical lip lift is a permanent solution. The surgical lip lift reduces the distance between the mouth and nose by lifting the upper lip and removing some skin. This allows the pink part of the lips to be more prominent. The philtrum, also known as the space between the nose & upper lip, is also a great way to give the face a more youthful and balanced look.

A surgical lip lift can achieve volume but the emphasis is on the lift. This is great for people who want more height than volume.