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Japanese Version of the Best Things to Experience


Japan is one of the countries that has been competing for the title of being the best in the world. Thanks to tons of awesome things, many tourists love to travel to Japan to enjoy a vacation. From modern skyscrapers to traditional hot springs, form tea ceremonies, to having a fun night out, your time in Japan is never going to be boring. However, if this is first-time visit to Japan consider enjoying these things.

  1. Consider Onsen–One of the best things to experience in Japan is to head over for a hot spring bath called onsen. Onsen is basically the Japanese version making your body feel absolutely relaxed.
  2. Spend a Night in Ryokan – Instead of spending a fortune in fancy resorts or hotels, consider spending a night inside a traditional Japanese version called Ryokan. The rooms inside a ryokan are kept minimal comprising of a chair and table. Although it sounds weird and boring however, it is worth it.
  3. Head Over to Witness Sumo Wrestling – Japan’s national sport is sumo wrestling which is not only popular but also witnessed everywhere. You should consider witnessing the giant wrestlers fighting to win a competition. If you want to experience this sport, then book your tickets in advance as it becomes crowded with spectators along with tickets getting over soon.
  4. Witness a Geisha Dance – Japanese dancers perform on the streets with the help of Geisha Dance. This is a dance which offers a soothing experience for all tourists.

Before you start packing your bags, consider getting the best Japan tour package.