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human leptin elisa kit

Know More About Immunoassays

Immunoassays play an important role in the life sciences for the government. it is just a lot of research and study biology. Immunoassays are easy to run, but the development of this test requires knowledge in various fields of immunology and protein chemistry.

However, most scientists are specialists in a very narrow field of study, they may not have the background or the time to make his own rough test. For more information about il 17 elisa kit mouse read this article.

Researchers from Creative Diagnostics focused on developing tests and have years of experience working with the development of immunoassays.

They have the knowledge to develop reliable, sensitive, and specific immunoassays which include a variety of cardiovascular diseases, and oncology, inflammatory, autoimmune diseases, infectious illnesses, and psychiatric disorders.

Based on unparalleled expertise in developing antibody diagnostic highly specialized used in the sandwich ELISA kit, Competitive ELISA kit, and colloidal gold immuno-chromatographic strip, Diagnostics Creative has made a large number of diagnostic kit for the quantitative detection of peptides, enzymes, proteins,  antibodies, and derivatives medications from biological samples collected from preclinical animal studies and human clinical trials.

It is an established proprietary and standard antibody screening of recombinant proteins tailored method for manufacturing immunoassay development.

Scientists staff follow strict guidelines for quality control with a focus on thorough optimization and validation of every aspect of the development of the assay, including antibody specificity, test sensitivity, reproducibility, stability kits, etc.