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High Performance LED Lighting Solutions

Light-emitting diodes or LED lights are a source that operates at a voltage that is more inexpensive than conventional fittings. When a number of these fittings are attached to form a strip it is called an LED tape, strip, or ribbon. 

Several LED strip varieties are used depending on the application. At first, only regularly fitted LED lights were available, this was soon combined with the RGB color changing variety and soon a wider spectrum of LED colors was released in the market. LED light bars are efficient and low energy consumption technology.

led bar

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Types of LED Tape

There are two main types of LED tape; one would be the rigid strips while the other type is the flexible tape. Also identified as LED bars, they can also be installed on casings made of aluminum with water or moisture proofing coats. 

When it comes to flexible LED tape, on the other hand, these are the variations that come mounted on sticky tape or adhesive backings and could be shaped to fit the needs of the user or the installation space.

How Flexible LED Tape is made

To be able to form a strip of flexible LED, numerous LED bulbs are attached to the adhesive tape that is connected by the flexible conductor. When power is applied to the electrode or conductor, the bulbs start to glow. Since the base is crafted with flexible strip material it can be formed into rolls and easily stored. Cutting these tapes to specific sizes is a possibility.