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Fun Activities To Teach Your Child How To Use Scissors

Once your child has learned the basics of scissors and how to use them safely in the preschool home, the next step is to improve the skill. Here are some fun (and easy) activities to help your preschooler with their scissor skills.

Improve your scissor skills and hand strength with Playdough

This is a very simple activity that only requires dough and scissors. Help your child roll the dough to play into long, thick chunks. Then have your child use scissors to cut pieces of toy dough. You can also look for the best golden scissors online via

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Cut colored plastic straws

Cutting colored plastic straws is a great activity for toddlers who are still learning to master scissor skills. Once you've cut the straws, you can take the string and use the straw strips as homemade beads to make a necklace!

Worksheets to cut at home

As long as you have construction paper and something to write about, this activity is straightforward. If you're not very artistic, there are several templates you can use.

You just draw a shape on construction paper so your child can practice cutting. As your child improves with his cutting skills, you will be able to draw more complex shapes. If you draw more than one image on the same sheet of paper, be sure to spread them out.