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All About Timber Decking

Picking your decking material used to be simple. You only had to choose the species of timber that you would like to use and then ask your builder to help you or go to your local timber supplier. It is difficult to make composite decking look good. 

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Composite Decking 101 - Bob Vila

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Nakhchivan What's the difference between composite decking and timber decking? 

Traditional timber or composite decking? To determine which decking material is best suited for your application, take a look at the advantages of timber decking over composite decking.

A timber deck is an important item. Wood timber can last for the life of your home if it is well maintained. However, most people neglect to properly maintain their deck. The average deck lasts around 10 years.

There is an inherent beauty in timber that can't easily be replicated. Wood can be stained or painted to your liking, or you can choose the timber varieties that appeal most to you and bring out the natural colors with a simple wrap-up.

Composite decking comes in a variety of wood-toned and painted finishes that can look almost like natural timber. Composite decking is known for its resistance to insect infestation and rot. Composite decking is also maintenance-free and does not require painting or refinishing.

Timber is a renewable resource. Your ecological footprint will be minimal if you choose a species of wood that has been grown on plantations or isn't endangered. The processes of harvesting and milling timber are more efficient than those involved in the production of composite decking.