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Acne Laser Treatment: Acne Lasers

Cosmetic correction procedures, also called plastic surgery have embraced lasers as a potent instrument a while back, so it’s no surprise that treatment for acne is becoming more of a mainstream method. You can get the best service of Acne Laser Treatment via

What to Know About Laser Treatments for Red Acne Marks | POPSUGAR Beauty

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The use of lasers to treat acne scars is commonplace. Currently, lasers are used to prevent acne-related breakouts since they burn the hair follicle sac (from where hair is born) along with the sebaceous gland. It also stimulates oxygenation to kill P. Acnes bacteria.

On the other side, improper application of a laser to treat acne can cause thermal damage which can result in hyperpigmented macules (spots). Also, persistently dry skin patches or dry patches that require a lengthy time to heal could be the result of faulty laser procedures.

There are instances of acne laser treatment causing painful burn injuries, so it’s paramount that the therapy is offered by an appropriately licensed medical facility.

About Acne Laser Treatment

Laser acne treatment is more effective for garden bumps or pimples (papules and pustules) than non-inflammatory blackheads and pimple-like white spots.

This is because the laser shakes up porphyrins (various pigments found in living tissue, as well as bacteria in acne). This movement damages the cell walls of bacteria, effectively killing them.

It is best to discuss your condition with your doctor to determine if laser acne treatment or alternative medicine is the best option for you.