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A Variety of Laboratory Apparatus and Their Uses

Laboratory apparatus refers to the equipment and tools scientists use in their laboratories. There are many types of equipment and tools used in medical and chemical laboratories. However, there are some basic tools and equipment that can be used in many laboratories.

The majority of laboratory apparatus includes instruments that can be used to heat, measure and mix different liquids. You can also look for the best scales for laboratories through

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Lab equipment can be divided into various categories:

Flasks are important pieces of laboratory equipment made from glass or plastic. It's used to store, measure, and heat liquids of various types. Flasks can also be used to mix different liquid types. One of the most valuable flasks in a laboratory is the Erlenmeyer. 

Other types of flasks are the Florence flasks or the volumetric flasks. Florence flasks can be used to uniformly heat liquids. They are also known as boiling flasks. It features a bottom that allows for equal heating of liquids. For mixing solutions with fixed volumes, the volumetric flask is used.

Other measuring instruments: Laboratory apparatus can also include pipettes. The pipettes can be used to measure small amounts of liquids accurately and precisely. 

The pipette bulb draws the liquids and solutions into the pipettes. Beakers and graduated cylinders are two other types of measuring equipment. Beakers can be used to measure and mix substances. An analytical balance can also be used to measure accurately.

Mixing equipment: Laboratory apparatus includes magnetic stirrers, shakers, and other mixing equipment. Platforms are provided for flasks and beakers to be placed on shakers. These shakers mix the solutions by moving. Magnetic stirrers are made of magnets that have been wrapped in plastic. The solution is then mixed with the tubes by the base unit.