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Why Automatic Sliding Door Systems Are So Popular

As there are several options for automatic door systems available in today's market. It is now relatively common to see and make the operating experience in the retail, commercial, office, medical, recreation, and public buildings of all kinds. 

From the user's point of view, automatic doors are usually fast, easy, and convenient to use. From the organization's point of view, they provide a safe, efficient and effective solution to control access to a building, and in some cases, it can also add the aesthetic appeal of the building. There are several reasons for being popular with automatic sliding doors and if you also like to install such kinds of doors visit and get them according to your needs.

KONE Automatic Sliding Doors

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The Energy And Airflow:

The rapid action of opening and closing of these systems provides help in retaining the heat in the building by saving energy bills and maintain a comfortable environment for those who use the building regularly. 

Make Limited Space At The Doorway:

Telescopic sliding doors can be considered an extremely effective way to maintain a good flow of a lot of people where there 2 doors slide together at a time. This separating action of the sliding panel in two parts which fold against each other is the key to obtain the maximum benefit from the limited space available.

Light And Protected:

In most systems sliding door panels themselves are usually occupied large areas that are made up of hard glass and therefore provide a lot of light in buildings where they are placed. In addition to the sensors to hinder the situation of trapping, these automatic sliding door systems have a device for emergency opening if in any case, the mains supply fails.