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What Is Root Canal Treatment In Alexandria?

Root canal treatment, also called root canal therapy, is one method of treating problems with the inside of the tooth or pulp. This is one way to save the tooth if not, it may need to be withdrawn.

Root canal treatment in Alexandria, VA can include one to three visits to your endodontist or dentist (root canal specialist). During surgery, the diseased pulp is extracted and the pulp chamber and root canal of the tooth are cleaned and tightly closed.

root canal

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The root canal of the tooth is the part of the pulp cavity that lies within the root and in healthy teeth, they contain vital (living) pulp tissue. The flesh consists of especially nerves and blood vessels.

The nerves in the teeth are responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain and temperature in the teeth. Root canals have a different shape for each tooth. They can also vary between people and race and narrow with age.

Root canal treatment is the elimination of damaged or infected nerves and tissue in the dental pulp chamber.

At the root of each tooth are nerves with pulps that surround and protect the gums. The nerves and blood supply that extend down the root tips to your circulation system. This space inside the root is called the canal space.

Root canal treatment includes drilling a small hole in the tooth and removing the nerve. Blood and pulp supply. The channel is then shaped, cleaned, sterilized, and finished.