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What is an Interactive Wayfinding Display?

A digital wayfinding system is a display showing a map of the building or property, and all users have to do is select the place they want to go or touch a particular location, and it will give them exact directions.

The interactive nature allows users to scroll and zoom to figure out where they need to go, and you can program important places on the property for easy access–restaurants or cafeterias, security, bathrooms, emergency services…you can put it all on the map. You can even link up particular events with specific locations. If you want to get wayfinding sign service then you can visit

The program also allows you to set up a directory. Viewers can see with a glance all the different departments or individual offices in your building, and then each can be linked up with the map.

Cross-section capabilities allow different maps for all the different floors in the building, paths can be cut off on the map when they are inaccessible, and you can program the whole system to completely change all the map routes if one of your displays is moved to a different location.

One of my favorite things about this system from an operator's standpoint is how easy it is to edit a map.

 For instance, everything on the map is entered independently in the software. In layman's terms, what this means is that if an endpoint needs to be deleted or moved for whatever reason, you don't have to completely reprogram the software or redraw the maps.

To go further, if there is construction or some other impediment to a usual path, you can block that path off in the system, and the map will give the next best directions, excluding that path. The Interactive Wayfinding Display is just exploding with potential for a wide range of businesses, including hospitals, universities, casinos, hotels, resorts, and big amusement parks.