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Water Bottle Filter – A Better Choice For The Environment

Drinking bottled water has become a major trend worldwide. Sales of bottled water are surging, and many large companies get in on this trade. Consumers are obviously concerned about their health, and many distrust tap water. 

But one of the biggest drawbacks of drinking bottled water is plastic bottle waste. Although there are recycling programs in many parts of the world, most of the plastic ends up dumping in landfills. 

There is, however, an alternative that not only provides clean, pure water and that is “water bottle filters”. These water bottle filters are available in various types in the market. They also come along with carabiner clips that make them easy to carry and handle.

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A water bottle filter is simple, generally has activated carbon, which is built in the lid or straw of a sports bottle sized dispenser. It is capable of cleaning chlorine, sediments, and pathogens from the water. 

A water bottle filter is just as portable as any bottled water, and also makes an excellent traveling companion. It can be used to filter hotel and restaurant water when you are away from home, to ensure that you are protected.

However, if you are in areas where water supply really is questionable, it is best if you stick with bottled water. If the water contains dangerous pathogens, you do not want to take the risk to become ill.