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Two Factor Authentication – Protecting Your Email

Gone are the days when sending formal information, approval or recommendation was a tedious task and it took days to accept it. With the best technology, electronic mail, or more popularly called e-mail is what is needed to send messages in a split second, today. However, with increasing hacking and threats to the digital world, are private messages really secure? 

The answer is no. This is why businesses must install security measures to protect their critical business information exchanged through e-mail. The latest security protocol for e-mail protection is a two-factor authentication system. You can find out about two factor authentication 2fa through

An insight into two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication method verifies an individual's identity with three identifiers. The process is abbreviated as a Two-factor Authentication Solution or multi-factor Authentication. The three identifiers that make this process efficient are:

  • Something you know
  • Something you have
  • Something you are

The traditional way to protect e-mail is to have an 8 character password. But, hacking password is easy. Thus, to improve the 2FA security method the security level provides a different layer of security. Let's understand how it works.

Something you know

Today's password not only includes characters but also patterns. Pattern-based authentication is common for Windows 8 and Android devices. In addition, the ATM requires account holders to memorize a 4-digit pin that gives them access to their cards.

Thus, a powerful password must have a character, alphabet, and specific numbers and must be long too. You can rephrase your existing password to make it appear unique and acceptable rather than creating a simple one.

Something You Have

Now that you have the password ready with you, there is another step to ensure the security of your e-mails and that is a token. Today, tokens generated are of two types:

  • Online tokens (response or challenge)
  • Offline tokens (OTP based, sequence or time)

Online tokens are a good Two Factor Authentication For Email method for financial transactions. The individual participates in the process and electronically signs the transaction to make it tamper-proof.

Something You Are

This last part of the authentication process revolves around you. It involves facial recognition, biometric scan, and fingerprints because they are unique to a person. However, they can be tampered with and accuracy can cause a problem when your body is too cold or having blisters. Moreover, this authentication process is expensive.

Regardless of your business size, taking a step towards evaluating the security of your e-mail can save you a great deal of loss.