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Tips For Choosing a Food Distributor in Perth

Quality food distributors and purveyors are essential to your business. Regulations have been added to enforce the safe consumption of food, but some poor purveyors still slip through the cracks. Here are some ways to choose and deal with quality distributors and purveyors.

Reputation. Some of the best ways to find quality suppliers are to study your competition and ask other business owners. Who do they recommend? Who don't they recommend? Who delivers on time? Who consistently provides the best product? Look and ask around and learn from others' experiences and mistakes.

Learn payment terms. Compare prices between distributors. Larger customers with massive buying power are typically given better payment terms, but some companies are more lenient than others.

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Mom-and-pop stores and new accounts are usually given stricter time frames to pay, say five to ten days, and stricter fees, such as late payment. So make your payments, and make them on time. You do not want a good distributor to cancel your account or have a collector come to your business demanding money in front of your customers.

Delivery Schedule. Make sure they can work around your schedule. If they want to deliver your meat order at 5 PM and your unionized butcher starts his shift at 1 PM, then you just lost 4 hours of labor. Likewise, avoid deliveries during busy periods and avoid overlapping deliveries (the bread guy will not be happy waiting for a half-hour for the dairy guy to drop his shipment off).

Minimum Orders. You should not have to over-purchase to meet a minimum order. Purchase only what you need to meet your customer's needs. You may not have the storage space and you definitely don't want spoiled or expired goods.