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The Truth About Pink Himalayan Salt

When it comes to the classic kitchen tools, nothing can beat a good bucket of pink Himalayan salt. Some people claim that the "natural" salt that Himalayan Salt is made from is perfect for cooking and baking. Other people argue that pink Himalayan salt has no place in your kitchen.

Which do you think is the right option? Are they both right? And what about the bottom line: does pink Himalayan salt work? Well, we decided to find out.

If you have never tasted salt before, you might be confused about the difference between the sea salt and the pink Himalayan salt. Sea salt is mined from the ocean floor and is natural, whereas pink Himalayan salt is synthesized and is only used in some Asian countries. We've got an explanation for this difference.

Sea salt is mined from the ocean floor. This type of salt can't be refined or filtered like the kind that you get at the store. It's also very salty, so if you're used to eating table salt, it won't be an easy transition for you.

Once mined, sea salt is usually then refined, filtered and sterilized before it's shipped to the stores. It goes through a lot of procedures, but the end result is a sea salt that you'll recognize by its color. The major difference between salt and pink Himalayan salt is that pink Himalayan salt isn't as heavily processed. Instead, the color is created during the refining process.

With Himalayan Salt, the color is created through the oxidation process. When the salt gets too oxidized, it turns a pinkish color. These are actually the same salts that were first used in ancient times. In India, the actual salt itself was a part of the diet, but today it is used more as a way to add a touch of color to food.

So if sea salt isn't right for you, where can you get Himalayan Salt? It's actually hard to find in most grocery stores, but if you happen to live in an area that exports pink Himalayan salt, you can get it online.

Both companies ship their salt around the world, so you won't run into any issues with getting it. Just make sure that you use it correctly. You won't want to heat your salt because it can become too salty.

When you're making your pink salt, you should always heat it on high. This will help it get to a pinkish color.

While pink Himalayan Salt can't be used on any baked goods, it can be used on bread and crackers. It also makes an excellent marinade for fish, poultry, pork, lamb, beef and vegetables.

If you're not used to cooking with Himalayan salt from Amazon, you might not know how to get it right. Luckily, it comes packaged in a good amount of cooking grade salt. You just pour the salt over whatever you want to cook and it'll melt in the food without any of the problems that are typically associated with using kitchen salt.

This is really a great way to use salt. You can either use the pink Himalayan salt to season a dinner or you can sprinkle it over some chicken, meat or veggies for a tasty, natural marinade.