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what do bed bugs look like

How to Treat with Bed Bug Bites

When it comes to bed bugs bites there is good and bad news. The good news is that although it is very uncomfortable and itchy, the bite of rotten fleas is harmless; At least that is what specialists are claimed to be a fact.

However, there have been several cases where these insects cause some serious health problems for some patients. Even though the bite itself should not be a big problem, allergies caused by bed bugs is another problem. You can check out the bed bug treatment via

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People who have respiratory problems must be careful and try to avoid bed bugs because they can have an impact on their health. Also, if you think that your bite has been inflamed, you must look for advice from a doctor. Under normal circumstances, bed bites must be treated like bite from insects or other mosquitoes.

It is normal for the place of the bite to be red and itchy, possible a little swelled and although bites from mosquito usually heal in a day or two, bed bugs bite can stay for couple of days. Also, and especially if you move a lot while sleeping, it is possible to have a few bites next to each other. The reason for this is a bug when feeling movement automatically take and waiting for you to go back to sleep after returning to the same place and keep sucking your blood.