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All About Video Marketing

Looking at the ongoing scenario of the competitive market, everybody is extremely desperate to get their website rankings in a better position. Thus, they are always at the enthusiasm to explore the new ways of the digital destination. Video marketing is a solution to all their problems.

There are too many online marketing techniques that one can use every day. Some of them are for the long term while others were short-lived. In such a volatile market, video marketing is a very promising strategy that is being adopted by people today.

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As the old saying goes, "anything that is visible to the eye, behavior," and so is the case of video marketing. They must have caught a lot of eyes and is also used as a great sales and educational tools. With the increase of this strategy, an overall increase in turnover seen lately.

  • A product that has a video along with description has a 35% higher chance to be purchased.
  • Mobile phone users can easily be targeted with the video, and 50% more traffic can be generated in the process.
  • The video homepage has an increase in the conversion rate of 20%.
  • Social media posts with videos about produce 1200% more shares than regular text and images.
  • A landing page with video increases conversion rates by 80%.
  • Poor video quality produces negative perception among users 62%.