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video intercom

Choosing A Video Intercom System

Although a lot of people might already know, a video intercom is also often known as a door entry system. This is so because the device allows you to speak with, and see, whoever is at the outside of the door.

These types of intercoms are becoming quite popular nowadays because of the security feature that it offers, like allowing you to actually see the other person at the door first before opening it.

If you see a suspicious-looking person knocking at the door, you can probe and ask questions first until you are assured that your visitor is a harmless and friendly individual. If you still think your visitor is suspicious, you can always keep the door locked.

Basic Parts of Video Intercoms

Video intercoms, or door entry systems, have two basic parts: the monitor and the door camera. The monitor allows whoever is inside the house to talk and see the person is outside the door. The door camera is used to send sound and picture to the monitor.

Aside from these two basic parts, there are also some important parts of these devices that are worth mentioning. A strike plate, or door strike, is that part of the intercom that allows the lock to be opened from inside, via the monitoring controls.

There are also remote controls for some intercoms that allow one to answer and open the door without having to go to the monitor. There are also intercoms that have extra door ringers, allowing you to still hear the doorbell even if he is in the basement, for instance.