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Benefits of Telegram Channel Marketing

Telegram Channel marketing remains a new and rapidly growing area of mobile and digital marketing. It has many advantages over other social media and messenger platforms. It provides various channels. 

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Mobile users are becoming more comfortable using mobile apps for chat, video, and voice calling, file sharing, engaging with companies, sending money, and scheduling appointments. Telegram could be the first messenger to take this step, as it is flexible and most adaptable.

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Telegram has seen rapid growth in the last 5 years. It will easily replace WhatsApp in 5-10 years. This opens up new opportunities for Telegram marketing. You can also search the amazon prime web series telegram channel through

How to create Telegram channel: Here are the steps you can follow - Information News恋愛運-2020-待ち受け-b21746 Image Source: Google

Telegram channels have an unlimited audience

WhatsApp is a messenger, but their groups are not user- or business-friendly. There are 200 members per group. WhatsApp isn’t the best platform to promote your business. It has an average reach of 10%. There are no limits to the number of Telegram channels. Access to 5-10 mln people is possible.

Higher engagement rate

Telegram has a 20% average view rate, while Instagram has a 3% average outreach rate and Facebook has a 4%. Telegram is a great way to connect with potential customers.

Automate your bots for free

Telegram users can create and distribute bots for free by using the Telegram platform. WhatsApp doesn’t yet have a working solution for bots. Telegram is free and open-source. However, bots are one of its most valuable parts (there are more than 800,000. active bots).

Businesses can make money with their bots by:

  • Notifications
  • Communicating with users
  • scheduling appointments;
  • Broadcasting
  • Selling products and services