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stone care guide

5 Tips For Natural Stone Care

Natural stone comes in a variety of types that can be used in the home. These form part of an exquisite architectural presentation, each of which has its properties and attractions. Generally speaking, natural stone can be used in all areas of a home from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, to bedroom, dining and living areas. For the most part, natural stone would be found in floor tiles, countertops or wall (tiles, facades or walls). Natural stone can also be used in outdoor entertainment areas such as tables and benches.

stone sealing on natural stone floor

Here are some tips and benefits of natural stone in the home. 

Know your Stone

To care for and maintain your stone you need to understand what it is and its chemical properties. Armed with this information you can care for it, making it last a lifetime.


Keeping your natural stone surface clean, including immediate wiping up of spills will prevent it from staining or deteriorating. This means longer-lasting and more time between restorations. 


Professional restorations will be the key to getting your stone looking and saying like new all the time. They also come with workmanship guarantees so that if anything goes wrong you can get the issue fixed at no additional cost. 


One of the best things you can do is stone sealing, sealing your natural stone is important for making it last. This will prevent spills from seeping in and eroding or staining your natural stone surface. 


When using a natural stone counter, always use a chopping board for preparing food. This will ensure your knives don’t impair the integrity of the sealant, protecting your surface.