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Things You Need To Know When Buying Shisha

When you're sitting around a shisha with some of your best friends and a glass of wine, it hits you. "Why don't I sell hookahs?" This has happened to many hookah smokers and some have even acted on the idea. Is shisha fine?

The answer is YES! Shisha is a growing market. You can also purchase hookah online through various online sites.

Hookah Shisha

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In just one year, the number of searches for the term "Shisha" has tripled. It can only mean one thing, the market is growing.

Buying hookahs in bulk can be a deterrent if you don't work with the right partner. Looking for a hookah wholesaler can lead you to websites that promote "Wholesale To the Public" which is little more than a hookah retailer at a markedly discounted price.

When you ask a wholesaler to turn down a ship, you might get a little excited. This is understandable because wholesalers are more likely to make money buying and selling wholesalers. 

Other hookah wholesalers see it a little differently. By helping you with shipping early in your business, some hookah wholesalers hope to keep your account if you make it big. 

Hookah wholesalers can offer additional shipping costs in the form of additional benefits. These benefits can include branded literature, manuals, or even your business card in shipping. 

Wholesale shisha discounts are few and far between, but rest assured they are. When working with one, make sure you have a private label guarantee.