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How to Recaulk Your Shower to Freshen Its Appearance by Caulking Services in Melbourne?

To keep your shower nice and pristine looking, you would be wise to recaulk the connections between your shower, walls, and floors. Caulking is necessary to seal things up and prevent water damage. However, dirt and grime can build up rather quickly on it. It's very difficult, if not impossible to get it off without removing the caulking.

It doesn't matter how much you clean the rest of your bathroom. It can be immaculate, but if you have dirty and grimy caulking it can completely ruin the entire appearance of your bathroom. You can also request a free quote from a caulking service in Melbourne.

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You'll want to apply some caulking remover to the old caulking. You can get these from hardware stores such as Home Depot, and large department stores such as Wal-Mar. You'll have to let it sit for a couple hours so go off and do something else for the time being. You'll want to remove the softened caulking.

To create straight lines with your caulking, place some masking tape about an eighth of an inch along both sides of the joint. Distribute the caulking evenly between the two strips of tape, then smooth it out with a caulking spreader or plastic putty knife. It comes with smoothing tools that can fit all sorts of joints and corners.