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About Explainer Video Production

Marketing a startup company can be difficult, especially when you deliver a new service or product. Not only are you currently hoping to establish a new brand, but you still need the challenge to describe what you do and how it differs from any business on the market.

By this time, you know what a explainer video production is – a short video (one to three minutes) that introduces visitors to your organization or product and clarifies precisely what you do entertainingly and in a compelling manner.

explainer video

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An explainer is not a promotion or a sales offer, even though they generally include a call to action. It is an introduction designed to find potential clients interested in your business to wish to find out more – and possibly eventually convert.

In general, explainer videos have shown to greatly increase conversions – in some instances by up to 80 percent. Video engages clients; according to a poll, over 90 percent of clients feel that video is useful to the conclusion, and 64% of consumers are more inclined to obtain a product on the web after viewing a video. 

We have already established that viewers have short attention spans. That having been said, you could be amazed by how much info you can pack into a 60 to a 90-second video. More to the point, the brief format forces you to concentrate on the vital points.

Video Simplifies Complex Topics

Again, explainer videos induce you to simplify complex issues to match the format. If your startup features something entirely different, an explainer will down it to the vital points and concentrate on what is in it for your client.