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Choosing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Recent legislation means that people need to invest in proper fencing for their pools, and this has caused a dramatic alteration in the appearance of many domestic swimming pools.

Choosing the right fencing doesn't have to be dramatic, or overburdened with the pressure of building a high wall or a barricade.

If you want to install glass pool fencing in your home, then you can browse

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Rather than choosing to secure your pool in this way, you could follow the lead of many homeowners, and choose to use frameless glass pool fencing as a way of protecting your pool without reducing its aesthetic appeal.

The most obvious reason for choosing glass pool fencing is in order to comply with the new legislation. These rules demand that homeowners secure their pools with fencing which will prevent young children and animals from getting into the water without correct supervision.

Glass pool fencing is more secure than standard rails, because there is nowhere for children to climb over the fence, and it is still possible to see into the pool wherever you are in the yard. This makes it easier to keep an eye on the water when young children are playing on the lawn, for example.

Another reason that so many homeowners are choosing to use frameless glass pool fencing is that it is a long-term investment for the protection of your fences. Unlike other options, such as wooden or metal fences, the glass will not become corroded or rotten due to the proximity of the water.

Metal fences, in particular, can become corroded very quickly, and may only last a few years before they have to be replaced. Wooden fences are no better and may require annual treatments and care. Unlike these fences, glass pool fences require no additional protection, except an occasional clean down with a damp cloth.