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online nebosh courses

General Health & Safety online Training Provider

Training programs are tailored to different industries and sectors so that people from different industries can select the one that suits their needs. The training providers offer many programs. 

Some providers like Wise Global Training offer training via eLearning or classroom facilities. They also provide NVQs from awarding bodies such as NEBOSH, IOSH, and OCR courses for environmental diplomas.

eLearning allows students to access learning materials 24/7 online. For example, offers tutoring and advice with predefined answers. Lessons for eLearning guide students through specific tasks. They are easy to use and communicate information to students. 

Each lesson includes mock exams and brief tests. The training provider will arrange a place for students who are ready to take the exam.

Training providers will provide training that is tailored to the needs of students.


Another method of training is the classroom-based safety training program. The classroom can either be built at the client's place or at the training center. The training center provides a classroom that is well-arranged with modern materials and methods. 

Blended learning is another way to train. It combines virtual and physical resources. The virtual refers to technology-based materials, while the face-to-face sessions are the latter. These programs aim to provide participants with a practical and theoretical understanding of safety and health training and their successful implementation in the workplace. Safety and health in the workplace are vital.