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Image Forensics

Information On Digital Forensic Investigation

Many people from all over the world, of various ages, make use of computer every day, whether at work or at home. Unfortunately, this increased usage and the widespread availability of the Internet has led to a higher number of criminal cases involving computers.

Today, the police can analyze the computer that was seized in the framework of the investigation to access files and information that could help a criminal investigation against them with the help of forensic multimedia software. This process is known as digital forensics investigation.

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digital forensics, also known as a computer or cell phone forensics is a science-based discipline that aims to help the criminal investigation by revealing important information and files in the computer. There are independent organizations that can assist in the investigation.

Typical services offered by digital forensics company also included, deleted data recovery, e-discovery, cell phone forensics, cell site analysis and secure data destruction.

Digital forensics organizations to cooperate with the police and other clients and inform them about the evidence they uncover. It plays a very important role in linking the defendant to the crime, has the potential to help the prosecution.

Working together with the police, digital evidence can help to prosecute individuals who have misused computer technology; The person may include pedophiles, hackers, fraudsters and terrorists.

Only a few sectors that digital forensics can benefit of legal, law enforcement, corporate sector, criminal, legal aid and public sectors. Depending on client needs procedures that are customizable.