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glass wool insulation sheet

Things you need to be aware of while using Glass Wool and Fibreglass


Fibreglass irritates the eye and the respiratory system. Symptoms include irritation of the throat leading to continuous coughing, itchiness on the skin, irritation in eyes, and nose leading to breathing problems. Fiberglass that’s used in insulating devices seem to produce similar effects to asbestosis, a lung disease. Fibreglass should never be left out in the open, especially in an occupied area. It is not hazardous to work with fiberglass, and it is quite safe to manufacture. It is safe to install and but healthy work practice must be followed which unfortunately is at times overlooked at. So, here are a few tips to keep you safe while using fiberglass. 

1. Wear a proper suit and if not available then loose clothes with full sleeves, goggles, gloves, a mask, head covering (preferably helmet). Use tape to shut the end of the sleeves. 

2. Wash your hand with soap and water before and after working on the fiberglass. Wash each piece of clothing separately if possible. This will ensure no particles are left on you and avoid irritation. 

3. Avoid rubbing the eyes or skin in cause irritation and itchiness sets, you need to get it cleaned out properly. Rubbing will only increase the irritation. 

4. Keep the workplace clean, vacuuming is most recommended and you don't want the dust particles spreading around and most importantly keeping the fiberglass stored properly. 

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