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Diabetes Foot Problems

All about Diabetes Foot Problems

Diabetes can lead to two serious issues that are tightly linked to the health of your feet: neuro damage as well as blood vessel damage.  you can also visit for diabetic foot care in Baltimore.

Some potential complications that could be caused by diabetes are described below. 

1.) Ulcers are a frequent complication of diabetes. In essence, ulcers develop from skin areas that are being pressurized or are damaged (such for example, a small cut). 

Because of nerve damage, those with diabetes aren't aware of the signs of irritation. In the absence of any modifications to help protect the skin from irritation, (such as switching shoes or padding the area, etc.)

Diabetic foot problems: Symptoms, treatment, and foot care

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2.) Corns and Calluses: Corns and calluses aren't a problem experienced only by diabetics. They develop when the skin is subjected to pressure that is unusual due to shoes or occurs as a result of a foot deformity. 

3.) Hammertoes and Bunions: Neuropathy (nerve damage) does not only affect your ability to feel things on your skin. It's the nerves (transmitting signals from your brain) that cause the muscle to move. Therefore, injury to these nerves could result in your muscles becoming weaker or alteration in their tone.

The result could be bunions or Hammertoes from this, which could cause ulcers if your foot starts to feel pressure in areas that are not normal.

4.) Dry skin: Oddly it is true that both a lack of blood flow and damaged nerves could cause the skin of the feet to dry, crack and. While dry feet may not be a very serious problem, but if it is not treated the skin may break, leading to infection and…you probably guessed it…possibly an amputation.