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Speech Analytics in Contact Centers

Speech analytics solutions help managers identify what steps to take with individual employees to help improve their overall performance based on that employee's past performance information. 

Using this data, the contact center manager can offer more comprehensive closed-loop training designed specifically to address that agent's performance issues. Voice Analytics can also be used to improve the coaching process. 

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Tracking coaching effectiveness helps managers identify best practices and improvement opportunities that drive performance gains. Incorporating automated workflow technology into the coaching process also reduces the time impact and ensures follow-through.

Speech analytics and performance management tools can identify the underlying causes of poor outcomes and offer solutions for agent and contact center improvement. For instance, a company might be suffering from high caller dissatisfaction in their billing department. 

Although all signs indicate that the agents are doing everything "by the book," an analytics solution shows that there is actually a disconnect between the caller and the agent when a customer calls. 

By analyzing the language used by both caller and agent to identify hot topics and call dynamics, the analytics software is able to measure acoustic signals such as call duration, silence/noise, agitation, stress, and tempo. Not only does speech analytics track what the customer is saying, but it also measures HOW they are saying it.