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Eye Care Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

Many eye problems are associated with a gaze that has been around for years – directly on a computer screen, or on a book or TV. On the other hand, our ancestors spent centuries observing a wide landscape from afar – searching for food sources and avoiding predators. Explore more details about Oregon Elmiron vision loss through

Eye Care Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

But modern life decides that we fix our gaze straight ahead, often looking at the screen. It overtakes the eye, causes eye strain, and can cause permanent ocular damage.

The good news is, you can reduce eye strain and keep a healthy vision. Although the muscles of the eye are very small, they are still muscles. This means that we can exercise the eyes in any part of the body in a similar way.

Have you ever felt tired after watching too much TV? This is why.

Here are a few tips:

Take several breaks throughout the day where you close your eyes for at least five minutes. It takes five minutes to regenerate the photoreceptors in your eyes. But this process requires total darkness. Buying an eye pillow, which rests on closed eyes and sometimes contains soothing herbs such as lavender, can enhance the experience.

Palming is a simple method to relax the eyes. Rub your hands together to produce some heat. Then, make cup shapes with your palms and place them above your eyes. Bend your elbows on a desk or table so that you can bend in the palms with the weight of your head. Apply some pressure around the eyes, but never against the eyeball.

Watch and scan throughout the day. Peep out of the window, take a short walk, and spend time during your break using your long-distance and perimeter vision. There are many ways to incorporate this technique into your daily life. Just take a few minutes throughout the day to enjoy the scenery or to stare into the vast sky.