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Caustic Soda – A Vital Chemical in Chemistry

Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide or alkali are chemicals that are impossible to remove. Names can only be heard during basic experiments in your chemistry class. However, just look at the label of the cleaning product that you use at home.

Caustic soda plays an important role in the chemical production process as a raw material for the manufacture of textiles, dyes, refineries, paper, and other industries. You can easily contact with the global supplier of industrial chemicals online.

Lye is used in various applications in various industries and acts as a strong base formed with a solution of sodium hydroxide in water, e.g. NaOH to H2O.

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This is basically a natural by-product of chlorine production. According to chemical laws, caustic soda produces about 1,100 kg for every ton of chlorine produced together with hydrogen.

Sodium hydroxide manufacturers usually supply concentrated or pure alkaline solutions to manufacturers that produce soap, detergents, paper and pulp, bleach, and other cleaning products, biodiesel, textiles, and clothing.

Despite the fact that caustic soda is an important alkaline base, it is one of the most dangerous substances in chemistry that must be treated with extreme caution. Therefore, chemical producers and buyers must be informed of the correct storage and use of the substance.

In the laboratory, for example, precautions must be taken when handling hazardous chemicals. Caustic soda is like a caustic chemical that can burn your skin if exposed. Therefore, wearing gloves is very important.

The solid form of this compound requires more precautions to avoid eye exposure and inhalation of vapors. Therefore, it is better to wear glasses and masks when handling it. In general, fabrics are not compatible with other materials that can react violently with them.