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blue gemstone

Timeless Topaz a Gemstone Affordable for Everyone

Topaz is a mineral in crystal form. With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is a great stone for jewelry. Topaz is one of the most interesting gemstones which in its final form can have several individual colors such as yellow, blue, and various types of blue, as well as pink, red, orange, or brown. There are many colors in one flap with blue gemstone names at

If topaz is pure, it is transparent and colorless or slightly tinted, but sometimes tinted by the remains of other minerals. The color we see on a piece of topaz gemstone comes primarily from the heat treatment of the stone or exposure to radiation.

When yellow topaz is cooked, it often turns pink or reddish. When it is irradiated, it becomes blue which we often see in this gem. Topaz is usually referred to as mystical topaz and is treated by applying a layer of titanium oxide to the rock. 

These stones look like no other and feature a variety of dazzling colors. There are a limited number of mystical topazes available and a patent process ensures that is done. So you can't find it everywhere and some shops don't even know about it. 

Coloring a rainbow is the best way to describe this to someone who has never seen one. The best part is that while they look better than rough stones, they are cheaper to buy.

Topaz is a stone that can be fenced in. Cutting topaz requires special skills, and can be cut into lots of interesting designs. Topaz is often found without inclusions, so it makes beautiful jewelry.