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Spine Surgery – Is it Safe?

The main reason for spinal or neck surgery is to correct anatomical lesions in people who have not improved from conservative treatments such as clotting, massage, physical therapy, or anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have pain without anatomical lesions, spinal surgery is not an option for you.

If you are a patient who needs to change your anatomy, eg. For example, to repair a herniated disc, consider spinal surgery. How safe is spinal surgery? Since the spine is in such a sensitive position, the probability of error is high. Although most minor spine surgeries are successful, the more intensive procedures are much more risky. You can also get the best spine surgery in frederick md through

Minimally invasive spine surgery is being performed more frequently than before. Traditional spine surgery requires a long incision and a long and difficult recovery period.

However, in minimally invasive or key surgery, a telescopic-like instrument called an endoscope is inserted into a much smaller incision. The endoscope is attached to a camera that is smaller than a penny and provides a close-up view that is projected onto a television screen so your doctor can see your spine better. The pieces are sewn quickly, which allows for quicker and easier recovery times.