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Some Key Features Of Blockchain

Blockchain platforms have many components, which makes it easy for enterprises to select the best components to achieve different capabilities. Chris Georgen, founder, and chief architect at Topl is responsible for creating a sustainable blockchain.

Georgen started to build the blockchain technology platform used by Topl's core applications in 2017 using a mix of open-source components. For more information about blockchain networks visit

The openness of a platform (that is, whether it is a private or public blockchain) can affect speed and security. There are many codebases that can be modified to make them either open-source or closed-source.

These include Proof of Work (PoS), Proof of Stake (PoS), Byzantine fault tolerance, and Proof of Work(PoS). Georgen claims that these other mechanisms are more efficient and faster than the PoS and PoS and are less well-proven.

This smart-contract function is meant to capture business logic on blockchain. Hyperledger Fabric allows data privacy improvements by isolating transactions in channels and enabling private data sharing on a need-to-know basis within private information collections.

Arnaud Le Hors is a senior technical staff member at IBM in blockchain and web-open technology. He also chairs the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. According to him, the most recent developments allow organizations to join a channel without having to copy all of the histories.