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Scientific Facts That Support The Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

The field of nutrition science is notoriously difficult. Through decades of studies and research researchers from all over the world still aren't finished with the debate on the best diet and methods to lose weight. This is why definitive proof regarding the health benefits of one particular fruit is an exciting change of speed.

In a study that was recently published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal, researchers from Mexico looked closely at a plant that is known as Mangosteen. 

It appears that communities across Southeast Asia have been using extracts of the plant to combat medical conditions for centuries. An examination of the plant revealed some unexpected results, which led researchers to declare Mangosteen "the King of Fruits."  You can also purchase mangosteen supplements from

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Traditional Uses

Mangosteen is a native plant in Southeast Asia. It is only found in the parts that include India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. People from all over the zone have relied on extracts of Garcinia Mangostana LINN. (GML) plants for many centuries. There are references to its use in the earliest Ayurvedic texts that come from India.

What is it that makes Mangosteen famous isn't just the health advantages it offers. It's dark purple. Mangosteen is widely regarded as to be one of the best organic fruits grown in the region. It is consumed regularly by people typically as mangosteen juice. 

They also use the pericarp (peel the rind, peel, or the ripe) to make a variety of traditional remedies. Mangosteen's juice or any medicine created from this extract is believed by many to treat anything including abdominal discomfort to wounds that are infected.