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Is Your Organization Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience?

Positive candidate experiences go beyond a smooth onboarding and recruiting process. Candidates must be kept informed about their progress, provided with timely feedback, and treated with respect throughout the entire process.

 Both employees and employers benefit from background checks. This can indicate that an employer cares about creating a safe and trustworthy work environment. They firmly believe that even if the candidate is not a good fit for the position, he or she will be eager to leave the conversation with the corporate client and let others know about the opportunity. You can also take help from candidate experience services for candidate's background checks.

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After speaking with recruiters, candidates will often find that they are not aware of their status and cannot contact the recruiter to find out. If the candidate is not a good fit for the role the recruiter is currently working on – whether assigned by the recruiter or the hiring manager – the recruiter ignores the candidate and does not share this information.

Employers must be communicative and respond to applicants. If at some point in the process it is determined that the applicant is not fit, he should receive timely feedback, whether he had a positive experience.

Not only can this feedback help candidates better prepare for their next potential opportunity, but it can also differentiate recruiters from non-feedback recruiters and help ensure a positive experience for candidates.