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How To Replace Corroded Or Damaged Cavity Wall Ties In Sydney?

Cavity wall construction is incomplete without wall ties. To ensure structural stability, they connect the load-bearing inner leaves to the outer protective leaves of the building. Because of their corrosion-resistant qualities, wall ties are typically made from stainless steel.

Older buildings may have wall ties made of other materials. Wall tie failure can happen if the wall tie is not installed correctly or if corrosion occurs. You can get the services of expert wall tie replacement in Sydney for good results.

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Galvanized steel wall ties made from mild steel or galvanized metal can corrode and cause rust to build up. The tie’s dimensions will increase as a result.

Due to pressure on the surrounding masonry, the mortar bed cracks. If there is too much expansion in an exterior wall, brickwork can bulge outwards.

Poor installation during construction can also lead to wall tie failure. Wall ties must be correctly installed for the type of building, height, and location. Make sure the tie is adequate for the cavity.

Failure of wall tie can lead to serious structural problems and even the collapse of the outer leaf.

Remedial wall ties are the most cost-efficient and efficient way to replace wall ties. You can do this by removing existing wall ties or isolating them. These are the most common types of wall tiles that can be used to repair or remove existing wall ties.

  • Mechanical Expansion
  • Resin / Grouted
  • Helical

It is impossible to replace a wall tie by yourself. An approved installer should be contacted to perform this type of work.