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How to properly apply traffic paint

Whether you are planning to paint parking, several requirements must be met in order. This ensures that the paint adheres properly and offers optimal durability

Oil paint

Make sure you use oil paint. Latex paints for movement have appeared on the market and the quality of these paints is increasing; but not exactly where it should be. The advantage of Yehud latex paint is that it is easier on the environment.

How to properly apply traffic paint

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Unfortunately, it can be more expensive, but it is only half the life span. It seems that the use of latex paint will soon be permitted. If it's already in your location, your paint shop will know.

Pure paint

Some line paintings add a lighter color to the color, which makes it even further. However, we never add paint thinner to our paints and the result is a thicker application and lasts longer. Be sure to check with your local line drawing provider to see if they add paint thinner to their paint.

Clean and dry the surface

If a layer of dirt or water gets under traffic paint when applied, it will affect the ability of the paint to adhere to the asphalt surface. If your batch is very dirty, you can use electricity to wash it. Well-focused line painters typically use a broom and fan to do a lot of cleaning.


Make sure you are careful when hiring a line drawing company. If you want to be proactive in making sure you get good, you need to make sure traffic is diverted to a clean, dry surface with undiluted oil paint.