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How To Make Use of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay, sometimes called "Montmorillonite", refers to edible Bentonite Clay. It belongs to the smectite clay family. These clays formed millions of years ago from volcanic activity.

This clay is being used in many different ways due to its medicinal qualities. It can be consumed with other foods to gain benefits. It can be applied to the body in the form of a cream to heal skin problems. It can be used for hair styling purposes. If you are interested in styling hair clay, you may buy it from

Some sodium-based clays are sold as edible Bentonite Clays, but they must be mixed with an acidic beverage to compensate for the high sodium content. We cannot tolerate large amounts of sodium, so sodium-based clays can only be consumed in small quantities.

The electrons in Bentonite clay molecules have a negative charge, while those of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other impurities have a positive charge. The positively charged toxins attract to the clay molecules when they are introduced into the body.

Clay molecules act as a magnet and attract toxins and impurities to their surface. They then remove them from the surface when it is expelled or removed. To help eliminate toxic clay, it is vital to drink lots of water after you ingest living clay.

Absorption is slower and more complicated. The Bentonite clay molecule acts like a sponge and draws other substances into its inner structure. Absorbent clays are charged in their inner layers. This is because charged ions are found between layers of clay molecules that surround water molecules.

This was the whole process of how Bentonite clay works and how it has to be consumed.